Fire Protection
Pelican Township contracts with three Fire Departments for Fire Protection.  We spend about $44,000 each year for this service.

Depending on your property location within the Town, you will be served by either the Nisswa, Mission Township or Pequot Lakes Fire Departments.  There are mutual aid pacts that allow responses by other Departments in the event of a larger fire.  The cost for protecting our Township is part of the property tax you pay.

Some responses will result in a partial cost of the call being billed to the property owner.  Insurance almost always covers these costs.

It is critical that you understand that if the Fire Department is called to put out a fire on your property, the trucks and firefighters must be able to access your property.

You MUST maintain a navigable roadway to your property and all buildings.
 According to the Mission Fire Department, this roadway should be at least 14 feet high by 12 feet wide in order to allow the fire trucks to travel and these dimensions should be increased at all turns.  If you do not provide a suitable access roadway to your propery, the response may be delayed and your fire insurance could be cancelled.  PLEASE be aware of this and provide a roadway to your property!

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