ISO Ratings Change for Pelican Township

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Your Homeowners Insurance Rates
Just Dropped (maybe).

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Overcharges on Pelican Township residentís homeowners insurance bills.

The Pelican Township Board of Supervisors has identified a problem with ISO designations of many of the Pelican Township residents. ISO is a private rating service utilized by the insurance companies in determining fire department coverage of properties.

Many of the areaís billings have shown incorrect fire department coverage and when identified, the resulting overcharges have been substantial.

The Town Board is working with Pequot Lakes Fire Department and Mission Fire Department and attempting to work with the Minnesota ISO to provide a long term fix, but in the meantime, the Town Board urges all Pelican Township residents to check their homeowners insurance bills. You can call Tracy Donovan, Township supervisor at 612/202-7068 to determine your correct fire department and resolve any questions.