Approved Minutes of Board Meetings
Regular Meeting
February 9, 2004

The regular meeting of the Pelican Town Board was called to order by Chairman Bruce Galles. Present: Bruce Galles, John C. Johnson, Ted Rice, Suzanne Goerge and Shirley Wallin. Also present: Jack and Nellie Weaver.

Minutes of January meeting were reviewed, J. Johnson made a motion to approve minutes with 1 correction seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.

Treasurers report given: Opening Balance: $172,071.35, Receipts: $3,480.68, Disbursements: $3,401.52, Ending Balance: $172,150.51, Checkbook Balance: $237.59, Savings Balance: $171,912.92, CD Balance: 0, All Funds Balance: $172,150.51, B. Galles made a motion to approve Treasurers report, seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.

Eric was present for the Police Dept. to give monthly report, he gave us the monthly report for January and the yearly report for 2003. He said it has been pretty quiet within the township.

Jack & Nellie Weaver were present to discuss the berm situation on Pelican Beach Rd as it is blocking their driveway and feels that a good portion of it is within the Township Road Right-Of-Way. They do have a written easement for their driveway to go across this property. Much discussion held. B. Galles made a motion that we investigate the likelihood that the berm is within our road right-of-way and when determined that we draft letters to the landowners and that the berm be removed at their expense, seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.  B. Galles asked for the boards consensus that we attach the clerks name to the letter being the clerk will be gone when the letters need to be mailed.

Bills to be paid were reviewed, T. Rice made a motion to pay all bills, seconded by J. Johnson, motion carried.

Correspondence: Nisswa Fire meeting February 17 at 7 PM.  Tax Forfeit Land forms received from the County Land Office for Township to decide if we want to offer them for sale or not, all sales are in the Cree Bay area. B. Galles made a motion to adopt the foregoing resolutions to offer the Tax-Forfeited Lands for sale, seconded by J. Johnson, motion carried.

Road Report: T. Rice said he is still waiting for the OK from the DNR on a portion of the Sunset Valley Road Project and hasnít hear back yet from the Shriners on Margaret Larsons land trust land if we have the OK from there or not.
The Red Oak Road Project was reviewed. B. Galles recommended that we as a board should have a joint powers agreement and the bid documents need to be checked for accuracy.  B. Galles made a motion that we contact someone in Lake Edward Township so they understand that it is required under state law to have a joint powers agreement, seconded by J. Johnson, motion carried.  B. Galled made a motion to draft & present to Lake Edward Township a joint powers agreement to cover Red Oak Road and the bid received, once Lake Edward signs the joint powers agreement we will get the bid to Anderson Brothers to sign off on it, and to authorize a deputy clerk & or Suzanne Goerges to sign the joint Powers agreement and contract, on behalf of the township clerk in her absence, seconded  by J. Johnson, motion carried. Clerk deputized Sue Goerges as deputy clerk to act in clerks absence.

Budget: The budget was reveiwed as to what we want to present at the annual township meeting.
Fire contracts were signed for Mission Township.

Old Business: J. Johnson inquired if we wanted to send a letter to all our tax payers, to  see if we as a township should be in the sanitary district. No action taken.

By general consensus of the board the clerk will appoint the election judges.

No transfer of funds.

Board of Audit: The Town Board, Clerk and Treasurer conducted a board of Audit of the Clerks and Treasurers books, canceled checks, warrants and receipts. Clerks and Treasurers Summaries were reviewed and signed by the Town Board as correct. All books, canceled checks, warrant and receipts balanced.

Next meeting: Monday March 8, 2004 7:30 PM, Tuesday March 9, 2004 5-8 PM Township election, 8:15-Board of Canvass, 8:30 -Annual Meeting.

Meeting adjourned by general consent.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shirley Wallin, Clerk