Approved Minutes of Board Meetings
MARCH 8, 2004

The regular meeting of the Pelican Town Board was called to order by Chairman Bruce Galles. Present: Bruce Galles, Ted Rice, John C. Johnson, Suzanne Goerges and Shirley Wallin. Also present: Ed Larsen-Crow Wing County Commissioner, Bruce Yund-Thirty Lakes Watershed, Ray Wilson-Thirty Lakes Watershed, Shirley Hild-Cullen Lakes Association, Alex Bogdanovich-volunteer team-I-team, Craig Gilberston-Ayers & Associates.

Minutes of the February 2004 meeting were reviewed, T. Rice made a motion to accept minutes, seconded by B. Galles, motion carried.

Treasurers report given: Opening Balance: $172,150.51, Receipts: $65.08, Disbursements: $10,956.46, Ending Balance: $161,259.13, Checkbook Balance: $281.13, Savings Balance: $160,978.00, All Funds Balance: $161,259.13. T. Rice made a motion to approve Treasurers report, seconded by J. Johnson, motion carried.

Bills to be paid were presented. T. Rice made a motion to pay all bills, seconded by J. Johnson, motion carried.

Eric was present from the Breezy Point Police Dept., nothing major happening in the township, all fairly quiet. Eric said he will be present at our annual meeting on 3/9/04 to give his yearly police report.

Ed Larsen was present from the Crow Wing County Commissioners office to talk about the Sanitary Sewer District-it is proposed to form a Sanitary Sewer District including our township. Based on the water table and  development, we do need to do this. Craig Gilbertson & other representatives present also spoke. This will be a local board that will make up the Sanitary Sewer District, which will include several townships and they will be making the decisions. There will be 1 person from each member community that will be on the board. There will be more meetings this summer to update residents that arenít around now. The Sanitary District Board will be established later this summer or early fall.

B. Galles made a motion to adopt the following resolution for Crow Wing County to offer for sale land in the Cree Bay Addition Block 2 lot 79, this is forfeited to the State for non-payment of taxes, seconded by J. Johnson, motion carried.

Paul Bunyan Scenic Byways sent information for us to share at our annual meeting as they couldnít make it to our meeting this evening. Received information to see if we were interested in participating in the Community Growth Institiute.  By general consensus the board authorized J. Johnson to look further in to the grant that is available to upgrade the town hall- will apply for grant to upgrade the outhouse.

ROAD REPORT: Anderson Brothers wanted to wait until the snow had gone down more before coming out to  take a better look at the Sunset Valley Rd. project. T. Rice reported that it would be OK with the DNR for us to reclaim our tar and to stockpile it.
WE received the bid bond from Anderson Brothers, we need to sign the contract and get it to Anderson Brothers, so they can sign it and get it back to us. We do have a joint  powers agreement signed between Lake Edward Township and Pelican Township for the joint Red Oak Rd. project.

OLD BUSINESS: Pelican Beach Road berm-B. Galles spoke with John Dooley (MAT attorney) and he said for us not to do anything about the problem as it is a civil matter.  B. Galles called Jack Weaver and told him we would not act on  the problem.

NEW BUSINESS: Budget: J. Johnson made a motion that we recommend the budget of $187,300.00 for 2005 and present it to be adopted by the electors at our annual meeting, seconded by B. Galles, motion carried.

 By recommendation of Treasurer   J. Johnson made a motion to transfer from General Revenue Fund $4553.46 to Fire Fund, seconded by B. Galles, motion carried.

Board went over annual meeting agenda
Reorganizational Meeting: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 8:00 PM
Short Course-Breezy Point Resort: Friday March 26, 2004
Crow Wing County Association Meeting: March 29, 2004
Next Regular  Meeting: April 12, 2004 7:30 PM

Meeting adjourned by General Consent

Respectfully Submitted,

Shirley Wallin, Clerk