Pelican Township
Approved Minutes of Board eetings
JUNE 14, 2004

The regular meeting of the Pelican Town Board was called to order by chairman Bruce Galles. Present: Bruce Galles, Ted Rice, John C. Johnson, Suzanne Goerges and Shirley Wallin.

Minutes of the May meeting were reviewed, with 2 minor corrections. Galles made a motion to approve minutes as corrected, seconded by Rice, motion carried.

Eric was present from the City of Breezy Point Police Dept., said there had been a lot of alarms but mainly false ones. Eric said the beach opened about a week ago and everything is OK, not really beach weather yet. The host will be coming on July 7th for the rest of the season.

Treasurers report given: Opening Balance: $152,429.02, Receipts: $61.46, Disbursements: $3,506.79, Ending Balance: $148,983.69, Checkbook Balance: $210.61, Savings Balance: $148,773.08, All Funds Balance: $148,983.69. Galles made a motion to approve Treasurers report, seconded by Johnson, motion carried.

Bills to be paid were reviewed, Rice made a motion to pay all bills, seconded by Johnson, motion carried.

Road Report:  Rice reported that everything went OK with the resurfacing of Red Oak Rd, he is still waiting on the weight slips from Anderson Brothers for verification. The road  by Bob Curtisís driveway has quite a drop off, Rice will have Anderson Brothers come back out and check it as we will take care of it for the 10 ft. in our right-of-way. Rice also stated that the slope by Co. Rd. 4  will need to  have them raise it up and will seed it in.  Rice was out to check on the Cree Bay Circle Rd which is 1/3 mile, we will be accepting that road for maintenance.  Rice also said that Ralph Smith who lives on Sunset Valley Rd. wanted to put up a temporary garage but Rice explained where he wanted to put it was way to close to the road, so denied the request.  Al Knowles from Anderson Brothers will be coming out to look at Sunset Valley Rd. and give Rice some idea of what needs to be done and where we need to take dirt from and trees from, after we get that information, Rice can then  contact the Shriners and Land Trust CO. for Margaret Larsonís property as to what we need from them.

Galles stated that the county is determined to make the Sanitary Service District happen. Will be informational meeting held throughout the summer, nothing will actually happen until fall. The next Joint Powers Board will meet June 16th.

Zoning: none

Old Business: Discussion held on the Pelican Beach Rd.   Johnson gave an update on the Mission Park & Ball Field, said the Township of Mission gave $10,000.00 to help upgrade the ball park, will ask at our annual meeting if it would be OK for us to give a donation for the Mission Park & Ball Field.

New Business: Road Utility Ordinance not ready for adoption yet.  Galles made a motion to adopt a resolution to accept in Palmer Place the  road known as Cree Bay Circle(paved road part only) and add to town inventory and start maintenance, conditioned that all cost be paid by petitioner and to rename the road, seconded by Johnson, motion carried.  Galles spoke on the dog ordinance as he is on a committee and sub- committee. He is checking on how townships should  be billed for this service. Galles asked board members to think about it and will have this at our July meeting .  Galles will research the possibility of providing Dental Insurance for the Town Board, as there is a dental plan available through Minnesota Benefit Association that looked to be a reasonable rate. Galles will report back to the Board on this.

No transfer of funds.

Next regular meeting: July 12, 2004 7:30 PM

Meeting adjourned by general consent.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley Wallin, clerk