Pelican Township
Approved Minutes of Board Meetings
Regular Meeting
November 8, 2004

The regular meeting of the Pelican Town Board was called to order by acting Chairperson John C. Johnson, in the absence of Bruce Galles. Present: John C. Johnson, Ted Rice, Suzanne Goerges and Shirley Wallin.

Minutes of October meeting were reviewed, J. Johnson made a motion to accept minutes, seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.

Treasurers Report: Opening Balance: $143,700.70, Receipts: $52.70, Disbursements: $5817.12, Ending Balance: $137,936.28, Checkbook Balance: $377.71, Savings Balance: $137,558.57, All Funds Balance: $137.936.28. J. Johnson made a motion to accept Treasurers Report as given, seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.

Eric was present from the Breezy Point Police Dept., he stated there was a little more activity this past month but still not bad. He had some animal complaints and a trespass report. No burglaries in township and very few burglaries in the county.  T. Rice did ask Eric what he thought about removing a couple of stop signs by the 4 way stop on Sunset Valley Rd. that goes up to the resort and to Middle Cullen Lake access. Calvin Wallin mentioned to T. Rice he would like to see a yield sign or something put there instead  as it is hard to make the turn and get up the hill on Sunset Valley Rd. especially  in the winter, if you have to come to a stop.  Eric suggested we check with the County Hwy Dept. which T. Rice will do.

Bills to be paid were presented, T. Rice made a motion to pay all bills, seconded by J. Johnson, motion carried.

Correspondence: Received a letter from Barb Welty asking each township officer to donate $5.00 each for the upcoming Township Officers Annual Meeting that will be held in November in St. Cloud and our township is one of the sponsoring townships, this money will be used for prizes, etc.  Clerk took a poll of the township officers earlier and sent in $25.00 from our town board. This amount does not come out of the Township Treasury but paid by each individual officer. 

Road Report: T. Rice said there is a spot on Red Oak Road on Lake Edward side that keeps washing out, our road maintenance person as fixed it several times and it keeps washing out. T. Rice called Lake Edward Township and said they should get it fixed being it is on their side of the road. T. Rice said he would call the County Hwy Dept. again as they said they would put up a guard rail at the end of Red Oak Rd. that joins County Rd. 4 and have not done so as of yet. T. Rice hasn’t heard anything from Anderson Brothers on the Sunset Valley Rd Project, as of yet.  Road Maintenance person has the plow on the truck and is ready for winter.

Committee Report:  no report

Zoning: John C Johnson zoning variance request has been approved.

Old Business: B. Galles and J. Johnson met with the Pelican Lake Conservation Club about going in with Pelican Township to purchase the Shoenhost property on Pelican Lake. They will meet again and decide, their board meets the 2nd Wed. of Nov. 
Board talked about the November 2, 2004 election, everything went fairly smoothly and a great emphasis on making sure everyone is trained properly which also makes things go more smoothly. We had a very good turn out for voting, we had 317 registered voters at the beginning of the day with 38 new registrants and had 297 people voting. 83% voter turn out for our township. 
New Business: Clerk received a call from someone who owns 20 acres by Stewart’s Bay which the land is off the lake, they are interested in splitting it off for development. She went to the Planning and Zoning board in Brainerd and they told her to contact the township. Clerk told her we do go by the County Planning and Zoning standards, the only thing is if they do develop it we do need to have an application from them for driveways first. Clerk had her refer to our website for the details. 

No transfer of funds

Next regular meeting: December 13, 2004 7:30 PM

Meeting adjourned by general consent.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shirley Wallin, Clerk