Pelican Township
Approved Minutes of Board Meetings

March 6, 2006

The regular meeting of the Pelican Town Board was called to order by Chairman Bruce Galles. Present: Bruce Galles, Bob Olson, Suzanne Goerges and Shirley Wallin. Absent: Ted Rice. Also present: Jack & Lilli Johnson. 

Minutes of February meeting were reviewed, B. Galles made a motion to approve minutes, seconded by B. Olson, motion carried.

Treasurers report given: Opening Balance: $270,296.22, Receipts: $10,410.87, Disbursements: $14,149.72, Ending Balance: $266,557.37, Checkbook Balance: $1100.78, Savings Balance: $64,744.46, CD Balance: $200,712.13, for an all Funds Balance: $266,557.37, B.Olson made a motion to approve Treasurers report, seconded by B.Galles, motion carried.
Bills to be paid were presented, B. Galles made a motion to pay all bills, seconded by B. Olson, motion carried.

 Correspondences were read: County Township meeting on Monday 3/27 at Lake Edward Town Hall. Received letter from County Historical Society wanting each township to donate money, this will be brought up at the Annual Meeting on 3/14.

Road Report: B.Galles gave report in absence of T. Rice. B.Galles received a bid document from Anderson Brother and has revised it to what are specific needs are for Sunset Valley Rd  B.Galles had been working with Brian Schwartz from the DNR about the Channel Lane project. We are wanting them to cover the engineering costs as they made changes several times & the engineering had to be redone, so added extra cost for the engineering. Being this was a request by the DNR to move the road and not the township we feel they should cover the engineering costs for the project.  We are still waiting for an answer from Brian Schwartz. 

Waste Water District- B. Galles attended a meeting at the end of February and said the District should be in place shortly.

Zoning: none

B. Galles made a motion we send a reply that Pelican Town Board has no objection to the sale of tax forfeited land in Cree Bay, seconded by B. Olson, motion carried.

Budget for 2007 was reviewed and by consensus of the board will recommend at the annual meeting Gen. Rev.: $74,800.00, Rd.& Bridge: $107,000.00, Fire Fund: $30,000.00 Total Budget: $211,800.00. The increase is do to an increase in Fire budget from Mission Township.

B. Galles made a motion to pay election judges base rate of $8.00 hr. and head judge: $9.00 hr., seconded by B. Olson, motion carried.

Denny Meyer from Planning & Zoning was present as he has been going out to all the townships within in Crow Wing County to listen to the Townships and wanting to get a feel of the townships concerns and issues so all Depts. can work together as one unit. He said they now have a much friendlier personal at the front counter.   He is willing to educate the town boards on Planning & Zoning and how it all works, if we are at all interested.

No transfer of Funds.

Meeting dates: Town Board elections: Tuesday March 14, 2006 5 PM 8 PM
                         Board Of Canvass: Tuesday March 14, 2006 8:05 PM
                        Annual Meeting: Tuesday March 14, 2006 8:15 PM
                        Re-organizational Meeting: March 28, 2006 7:00 PM
                        Next Regular Meeting: April 10, 2006 7:30 PM 

Meeting adjourned by general consent.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shirley Wallin

Shirley Wallin, Clerk