Pelican Township
Approved Minutes of Board Meetings

Regular Meeting
October 10, 2006

The regular meeting of the Pelican Town Board was called to order by Chairman Bruce Galles. Present: Bruce Galles, Ted Rice, Robert Olson, Suzanne Goerges and Shirley Wallin. Also present was Rick Fries.

Minutes of the September meeting were reviewed, B. Galles made a motion to approve minutes with a minor change, seconded by R. Olson, motion carried.

Treasurers report: Opening Balance: $257,665.32, Receipts: $11,727.67, Disbursements: $9,314.51, Ending Balance: $260,078.48, Checkbook Balance: $63,674.62, Savings Account(Wells Fargo) $46,427.11, Money Market Accounts: Northern National-$46,442.61, American National-$103,534.14. All Funds Balance: $260,078.48. T. Rice made a motion to approve Treasurers report, seconded by R. Olson, motion carried.

Rick Fries was present. He has a place on Beaver Dam Rd. He has a small engine repair business that does notg comply with the existing zoning ordinance.The county said he needed to speak to the town board about rezoning from residential to commercial. He said he would not rezone all his acreage to commercial just about 2 acres. He wanted to see what the board thought before he spent the money to file for rezoning. Board said they didn’t really see any objections at this time, but thought he should talk to his neighbors to see what they felt. No definite decision was made by the town board.

B. Galles said Jack Krenzen who lives on Co Rd. 4 called to see if he could be serviced by Pequot Lakes Fire Dept. now that they have a fire station in Breezy Point. Clerk will call the Pequot Lakes Fire Dept. to get some information on this so this can all be settled before next fire contracts renew.

ROAD REPORT: T. Rice stated Anderson Brothers still need to paint white stripes on Sunset Valley Rd.  T. Rice said his son knows someone with a tractor with a large brush cutter to brush sides of road. T. Rice talked to Holmvig as he does have a 5 ft. side mower but T. Rice doesn’t think this is big enough.
B. Galles said that Landeckers did a survey on 10/10/06 by Harvey’s and all the boulders are completely within the road right-of way. Next is to write a letter and have attorney review before sending the letter.  Cree Bay Circle-speeding issue & speed bump complaints – we sold 20 sign posts and resident will put up the signs and it will be patrolled to see if this helps the speeding issue.

ZONING: Joel and Jennifer Knutson zoning request to rezone from Agricultural to Shoreland Residential 2 this is located north of Middle Cullen Road and on the south shore of Middle Cullen Lake. Board has no objection to this request and will send a no objection letter to Planning and Zoning.



No transfer of funds

General Election will be November 7, 2006 with polls open from 10-8.

Next regular meeting will be November 16, 2006

Meeting adjourned by general consent.

Respectfully submitted,
Shirley Wallin, Clerk