Pelican Township
Approved Minutes of Board Meetings
NOVEMBER 10, 2006

The regular meeting of the Pelican Town Board was called to order by Chairman Bruce Galles. Present: Bruce Galles, Ted Rice, Robert Olson, Suzanne Goerges and Shirley Wallin. Also present John C & Lilli Johnson, Richard Geike and John Jensen from Nisswa Fire Dept. and Bob Peterson and Tom Nelson from Pequot Lakes Fire Dept.

Minutes of October meeting were reviewed, R. Olson made a motion to accept minutes as amended, seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.

The representatives from Pequot Lakes Fire Dept. and the Nisswa Fire Dept. were present to review fire service areas.  Pequot Lakes now has a sub station in Breezy Point. Pelican Town Board will review what areas we want Pequot Lakes Fire Dept. to service and will hopefully have this done by mid December.

J. Johnson gave us some information on  a property tax work off program for seniors and would really like to pursue getting something started in Crow Wing County. Boulder, CO and Hennepin County in MN. offer this type of program. Town Board felt that J. Johnson should attend the County Commissioners meeting to talk about this. B. Galles will try to get on their agenda and he and J. Johnson will attend their meeting.

At our General Election on November 7, 2006, we had 358 registered voters at the beginning of the day with 20 new registered and 260 people voting. Had school kids voting here for first time, 25 students voted, they had their own set up and ran it themselves.

Treasurers Report: Opening: $260,078.48, Receipts: $751.96, Disbursements: $7449.30, Ending Balance: $253,381.14, Checkbook Balance: $56,324.55, Savings: $46,503.28, Money Market: $46,585.12 at Northern National Bank, $103,968.19 at American National Bank for All Funds Balance: $253,381.14. R. Olson made a motion to approve Treasurers report, seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.

Bills to be paid were reviewed, T. Rice made a motion to pay all bills, seconded by R. Olson, motion carried.

Road Report: on the MNDOT testing of our truck the mud flaps were to short so had to lengthen them. T. Rice checked with Hengl and they charge $26.50 for salt sand plus mileage for delivery and he is waiting for cost from Holmvig for salt sand, which would be closer.  Harvey road encroachment issue was discussed. R. Olson made a motion that the rock wall is within the road right-of-way and is a hazard and we have consulted an attorney and we have the legal right to remove it at the expense of the landowner, and the board so orders itís removal. The board is instructing B. Galles to discuss this issue with John Harvey on Palmers Sandy Shores Road, seconded by B. Galles, discussion held. Motion carried.

Zoning: Sienna Corp. to develop properties and subdivide them into 21 residential lots and 8 out lots. Landeckers requested to be at our December meeting before they present this to Planning and Zoning.

Next regular meeting will be Tuesday, December 5, 2006 at 3 PM 

B. Galles made a motion by request of the Treasurer to transfer $68,000.00 from Money Market Savings account to Rd. & Bridge, seconded by T. Rice, motion carried.

Clerk will call county to see what needs to be done on their end to change fire service areas from one Fire Dept. to another.

Meeting adjourned by general consent.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Shirley Wallin, Clerk