Property Tax Issues
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Annual Meeting.

The date and time of our Annual Meeting is always published in the Brainerd Dispatch or Lakes Country Echo newspaper.  Our annual budget for the next fiscal year is set at the annual meeting.  Typically, the Annual Meeting is attended by only a few interested citizens, a fact that points to the achievements of our Town Board and it's management practices.  We always desire to have as many people attend this meeting as possible allowing a free flow of ideas and opinion.  Please attend and share your thoughts.  Don't let only a few individuals guide the Town into the future-be part of the process!

Board of Equalization.

It was decided at the 2005 Annual Meeting that we will no longer hold Town based Board of Equalization Meetings due to the cost of holding the meeting and of attending training sessions now mandated by the State of Minnesota.  Property Owners who wish to challenge the assessed value of their property will now do so initially at the County Tax Board Hearings, the date of such hearings will be printed on the Truth In Taxation Statements mailed to property owners.

Please e-mail us if you would like to have an advance e-mail notification regarding any meeting.